Dennis Woggon, DC, Founder of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute >>, a non-profit organization formed to empower the chiropractic and medical community with the mission of implementing an effective chiropractic system of scoliosis treatment and care.  


It is the goal of CLEAR Institute >> to effectively treat the condition of scoliosis without the use of bracing or by performing surgery.


Through seminars and lectures presented at chiropractic colleges, conferences, and symposiums, CLEAR Institute >> educates and equips chiropractors and other medical professionals to effectively treat the condition of scoliosis by implementing our proven methodology.

“In the one and a half years that I've had video X-ray, I've done studies on 430 patients. They have provided an incredible amount of information and insight into the functional mechanics of the spine operating under the force of gravity.
Dr. Dennis Woggon, D.C. in The American Chiropractor 2010 >>